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You may remember, pre-covid, the visit of a television crew from Brazil which spent a week in Canberra and at the NFSA around the end of 2019, shooting material for the TV series “Lost and Found”. Among other things, the crew shot some footage of the Friends’ screening of Orphan of the Wilderness at CMAG.    

Completion of the series was delayed by covid as well as by the political situation in Brazil. However, it is finally complete and is running now on Brazilian television. It will no doubt be on-sold to other countries in due course. The website link to the series is:

It will be evident that the series is built around 13 venerable film archivists from various countries, some of whom you may recognize. You can view the episode concerning my (early) career at  passsword: ray

By way of explanation, the Friends of the NFSA are referred to as “amigos” , and “Camberra” and “Sidney” are not misspellings of place names: this is how they are spelt in Portuguese.