Founded in 2000 to advocate for and promote the best interests of the Archive, the Friends of the National Film and Sound Archive is an independent non-profit incorporated association with a national membership base. It is a member of Australian Federation of Friends of Museums.

Membership is open to all who wish to help build, sustain, promote and enjoy the best audiovisual archive that Australia can have.

The Friends supports and endorses the National Film and Sound Archive Act 2008, including the functions and mandate of the Archive, and the principles of good governance and public accountability which it enshrines.

It will work in partnership with the Archive in furthering its goals and, when appropriate, serve as an independent voice on matters affecting the Archive’s progress and well-being.

The Friends aims to:

  • Seek ongoing public assessment and affirmation of the core responsibilities and functions of the Archive

  • Support and promote the work and public profile of the Archive and its resources

  • Build a broad base of Friends who will organise, support and participate in forums, conferences, screenings, lectures and special events, and provide other support to the Archive

  • Promote the optimum engagement, flow of information and ideas between the National Film and Sound Archive, the film and sound communities and the community at large

  • Promote principles of best practice and professional excellence in preservation, public access and academic work based on archival resources

  • Stimulate and support the development of relevant professional associations in Australia, South East Asia/ Pacific and beyond

  • Promote creative initiatives involving archival resources

  • Raise, or assist in raising, funds to support specific Archive programs

  • Advocate and lobby on behalf of the Archive and its various constituencies